Wow Customers With Experience: Luxury Haircare Pioneer Frédéric Fekkai

In this episode we speak with Frédéric Fekkai, the world-famous celebrity hair stylist and Founder of FEKKAI Brands and FEKKAI 3.0, his newest brand of haircare products combining his legendary expertise on everything hair with his relentless focus on creating innovative, high-performance products that are clean, vegan, and sustainable.

Frédéric sold his namesake haircare brand to P&G in 2008, but in 2018 reaquired it with the help of Cornell Capital. He is now CEO of Blue Mistral, a holding company founded by Frédéric and Cornell Capital to operate Fekkai Brands together with Bastide, the fast-growing Provence-based provider of luxury fragrances and hand and body care products that Frédéric has led since 2017.

Three key takeaways from this episode include:

1. Customers need to be wowed when they experience your brand in order for it to be a massive success.

2. Beauty evolves to reflect the fashion and lifestyle of the day, and so should your business.

3. Make being sustainable a priority, both for the good of the planet and because customers are quickly coming to prefer it.

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