Lessons on Humble Entrepreneurship: from The Creator of The 1031 Exchange

The path to success in the dynamic world of entrepreneurship is characterized by perseverance, faith, and enduring relationships. Yet, it's crucial to acknowledge that ego and complacency can swiftly dismantle these pillars. As the founder, president, and CEO of 1031 Crowdfunding, practical lessons that have kept him grounded despite significant success have guided his entrepreneurial path.

Grounding oneself: For him, grounding comes from a deep sense of faith and a higher purpose. Knowing that launching 1031 Crowdfunding was not just for personal gain but for a greater reason has been a driving force. Some find grounding through meditation or thought-provoking literature. Others may benefit from incorporating extra exercise into their routines. Prioritizing health, especially during the most demanding business periods, has taught him that success is not just about business achievements but also about a commitment to oneself and one's well-being.

Appreciating others: Success is never an isolated endeavor. Family, coworkers, and those who serve us are all supporting it. The team at his company and the warmth received from interactions with others serve as constant reminders of this. Gratitude should never be taken for granted, especially after achieving a certain level of success. Whether it's a simple thank you for holding a door open or a heartfelt acknowledgment of support, appreciating others is a cornerstone of staying humble.

Aiding the community: A prosperous business presents abundant opportunities to give back. Whether through charitable donations, event sponsorships, or mentoring budding entrepreneurs, investing in the community not only enhances it but also fosters a deeper connection to helping others. Growing up in diverse environments, he's witnessed life's challenges firsthand. This is why he believes in paying it forward through volunteer work and Orange County goodwill. For struggling young entrepreneurs, even dedicating just one day a year to volunteering can make a meaningful impact.

Seeking financial advice: True humility lies in recognizing that you don't have all the answers. Enlisting the expertise of a seasoned financial advisor is a wise step towards managing, growing, and safeguarding your wealth. Despite the temptation to handle finances independently, most entrepreneurs simply don't have the time to stay abreast of the markets. A financial advisor not only frees up valuable time but also ensures that your financial endeavors align with your business goals.

Embracing your roots: No matter how high you climb, it's imperative to remember your beginnings. Your roots, challenges, and initial triumphs are the bedrock of your journey. Holding onto these memories prevents success from clouding your perspective and allows you to appreciate the trust bestowed upon you by early clients.

He urges fellow entrepreneurs to prepare for the journey ahead and to remain grounded even as they reach for the stars. After all, it's through challenges that true growth occurs. - Edward Fernandez, Entrepreneur Leadership Network President & CEO.