Biotech Entrepreneur: Georgiamune’s Dr. Samir Khleif

In this episode, we speak with Dr. Samir Khleif, the founder and CEO of Georgiamune. Georgiamune is a private, science and discovery clinical stage immunotherapeutic biotechnology company focused on reprogramming immune signaling pathways to redirect the immune system to fight diseases.

Dr. Khleif is a pioneer in the field of immunotherapy. He is a medical oncologist, immunologist, innovator, and entrepreneur, as well as a transformational executive in health care and biomedical research.

Prior to becoming CEO of Georgiamune, Dr. Khleif served in different academic and leadership positions. He was a National Cancer Institute (NCI)/National Institutes of Health (NIH) scientist and Chief of the NCI Cancer Vaccine Section, where he led the development of pioneering immune-oncology and cancer vaccines into clinical trials. He is currently a biomedical scholar and holds a professorship at Georgetown University Medical School.

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