Holistic Fitness Trends Dominating in 2023

Slow, intentional, holistic health and wellness are taking over 2023 fitness trends, according to Australia-based 9Honey Coach.

While health and wellness used to be about crash diets, quick weight loss, and valuing body image over all else, consumers want more out of the fitness market in 2023. The pandemic caused a shift in consumer interests, and many are looking away from high-intensity and high-pain workouts to workouts that blend mental wellness with physical health.

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Ben Lucas, Founder of Flow Athletic, adds that he's noticed an increase in attendance for what he calls "yin classes," or calmer classes such as Pilates or yoga. This starkly contrasts with the high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts or hardcore cycling classes of past years.

"After what everyone has gone through over the past few years, they want to prioritize their mental health and be cared for and nurtured rather than smashed in the gym," Lucas tells 9Honey Coach.

Another fitness trend emerging in 2023 is the urge to return to nature and exercise outside. After a year of being indoors and quarantining, many realized how much they truly appreciated the great outdoors. And now, activities like kickball leagues, paddleboarding, and hiking have become increasingly standard in the fitness community.

Lastly, one of the newest and most fascinating trends, according to 9Honey Coach, is "mind dieting," where an individual goes beyond regular dieting to begin exploring the roots of why they may overeat. Psychotherapy or cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) apps such as Noom or Talkspace have been popular tools for consumers to explore their habits and change behaviors they see as negative.

"Just as exercising regularly and eating well have positive flow on effects for our mood, on the flip side, a clear and focused mind can help support a healthy life," said Lexi Crouch, Endeavour College Mental Health Instructor.