17-Year-Old Entrepreneur Finds Success In Social Media Marketing

17-year-old Destiny Snow’s company, SnowGlam Collection, is worth half a million dollars after only two years in business – all thanks to paid promotions from two popular Instagram influencers.

Snow began her company, a beauty company providing hair and makeup products, in May of 2019 at age 15. Initially, she said she marketed her products to friends, family, and classmates. But by that September, she realized that she needed a larger customer base and took a break from her business to watch marketing videos, read books on business, and identify her target audience. After clarifying her mission, she reached out to The Shade Room, a celebrity news website with social media accounts with almost 26 million followers. The Shade Room provides paid promotions for small business owners, charging up to $3,000 per sponsored post social media auditor SpeakRJ reports.

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The day the promotion ran, she “wasn’t expecting it to go as well as it did,” Snow told Sheen Magazine However, her company made $30,000 within 90 days of the promotion, solidifying the notion that social media marketing was the best way to gain access to her demographic.

After the success of her first paid promotion, Snow collaborated with another Instagram influencer named Ari Fletcher in September 2021. Snow paid Fletcher, who has 1.1 million followers, for an Instagram story post. In the short video, Fletcher used a SnowGlam hair product and told audiences how much she loved the item. That day, Snow made $65,000 in revenue, and within 30 days, that number skyrocketed to $129,000.

“I never knew someone could have this much influence over people,” Snow told Sheen. “Ari Fletcher changed my life.”

In addition to SnowGlam Collection, Snow now takes after the Instagram influencers that she once paid to advertise her products. As a small-time social media influencer herself, Snow offers other beginning entrepreneurs the opportunity to buy ad space on her Instagram stories. Ads on her Instagram page are visible to her 20,000 followers, and Snow reports making a minimum of $6,000 per month from paid promotions.