Zluri Raises $10 Million To Help Firms Manage Their SaaS Estates

Today, typical medium-sized businesses are estimated to utilise some 1,000 SaaS subscriptions. As businesses adapt to and rely on SaaS products, companies are finding the sheer number of offerings difficult to manage. SaaS products are cited to cause inefficiencies and pose security vulnerabilities. Analysis has even found that companies over subscribe to same SaaS products, struggle to maintain their subscriptions, and do not have a clear snapshots of their subscriptions.

Founded in 2020, Zluri is a one click SaaS dashboard aimed at simplifying these issues and putting businesses back in control of their software. Zluri offers a range of tools and services to help companies better manage their growing SaaS portfolio. These include: a visible one-stop dashboard enabling a snapshot of all SaaS products in use, management and optimization tools, security services, and automation tools.

With companies worldwide expected to increase spending on SaaS by almost 20% a year, Zluri has come about at the perfect time, as demonstrated by its 100% month-on-month growth in 2021. Currently, Zluri is targeting medium-sized businesses across 18 countries. Having raised $2 million in funding in January 2021, Zluri secured another $10 million led by MassMutual Ventures in January of this year. Zluri says the funding will be used to employ new engineers to develop new tools and services, as well as to promote greater growth through marketing and sales.