Young Travelers Want Efficiency and Experiences, Says Expert

Millennials and Gen Z travelers have travel and hospitality needs that other generations may not, according to Pranav Dangi, Founder of The Hosteller.

Younger generations are looking to work less, connect more, and enjoy their time traveling the world, Dangi says. They seek to build rich relationships, live in exciting venues that provide a sort of "luxury staycation" atmosphere, and go with the flow by living like a local. Many members of the Millennial and Gen Z generations are gig workers who require convenient online access wherever they're staying. One of the reasons that Airbnb became so popular over the pandemic, Dangi tells the India Times, is because it "taps into the consciousness" of new generations by providing easy-to-use online portals and reliable customer service through an app.

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Additionally, younger consumers are using apps to find the best hotel and service rates. Dangi says that hospitality services have to put themselves in the mind of consumers in order to get ahead of this trend and provide value-added services to a consumer's experience while booking their trips.

Another trend Dangi points to is that of accessibility and inclusivity. Younger generations, he says, are more interested in connecting with those around them. They see value as more than just the memories they make from a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but the relationships they build along the way.

"With more and more of the younger generations facing a huge cultural and philosophical shift, their minds have strayed far away from tending value only to material goods," he tells the India Times. "They want to connect with like-minded travelers, compared to feeling like they shelled out all their money to a big money-hungry corporation."

Sustainability is also a trend that many hospitality organizations should be looking to, Dangi adds, as future generations are concerned about companies' environmental impacts. He recommends offering peer-to-peer services that focus on eco-friendly solutions and reinvigorating small businesses in remote areas.