The Top 25 Franchise Founders of 2023

Great Entrepreneurs is pleased to announce The Top 25 Franchise Founders of 2023. This year’s awardees represent some of the most successful entrepreneurial talents in the realm of franchising. Despite originating from a wide range of industries–such as restaurants, education, cosmetics, and fitness, among others–the men and women on this year’s list all managed to transform their initial ideas into either national or global franchises. In doing so, not only are they creating opportunities for employment in countless industries, but they also serve as inspirational models for the next wave of would-be tycoons ready to leave their mark on the world by building business empires from the ground up.

Peter Cancro, a high school student working at a small sub shop in New Jersey, turned his passion for quality ingredients into Jersey Mike's, one of the most recognizable chains in the country. Lured by the call of the American dream, Idan Shpizear left college and used his last $3000 to launch his 911 Restoration services business, laying the foundation for a franchise that would eventually grow into a nationally recognized brand with more than 200 territories throughout the U.S. and Canada. Lastly, we have serial entrepreneur Kristen Denzer, the Founder and CEO of Tierra Encantada, a leader in Spanish immersion early education. Despite never accepting outside capital, Denzer's skills as a leader have resulted in 1,366% revenue growth in the past 5 years.

The men and women on this year's list are among the most accomplished and prosperous business leaders in the country. Through their vision, grit, daring, and innovative approaches, these entrepreneurs play a pivotal role in driving economic growth across the nation. Please join us in celebrating The Top 25 Franchise Founders of 2023.


1. Gerald Aul
Founder, The UPS Store

Gerald Aul, the founder of The UPS Store, is a visionary entrepreneur who established and propelled the store to success. With a deep understanding of market dynamics and a knack for identifying opportunities, Aul envisioned The UPS Store as a comprehensive hub for essential services. Aul's meticulous planning, strategic decision-making, and dedication laid the foundation for the store's growth. His innovative thinking and customer-centric approach shaped the store's identity, establishing it as a trusted resource for shipping, printing, and more.

Aul's entrepreneurial acumen and relentless pursuit of excellence were pivotal to The UPS Store's expansion. Under his leadership, the store flourished and became a prominent player in the industry. Aul's legacy as the founder reflects his commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and long-term success.

Today, The UPS Store stands as a testament to Aul's entrepreneurial vision. His pioneering spirit continues to drive the store's growth, ensuring exceptional services for its valued clientele. As the founder, Aul's impact and dedication remain at the core of The UPS Store's ongoing success.


2. Richard Hesse
Founder, Ace Hardware Corporation

Richard Hesse, one of the original four dealers, was a key figure in the founding and growth of Ace Hardware Corporation. Born on February 12, 1924, in Chicago, Illinois, Hesse had the vision to establish a retailer-owned co-op that would leverage buying power for better pricing for the company and consumers.

As the President of Ace Hardware Corporation from 1924 to 1974, Hesse made significant contributions to the hardware industry. His creative innovations and distribution methods revolutionized earnings capabilities for Ace dealers and the industry as a whole.

Hesse's strategic initiatives included implementing efficient inventory management systems, streamlining supply chains, and introducing effective marketing strategies. Under his leadership, Ace Hardware Corporation became renowned for its commitment to excellence and superior customer service. Hesse's relentless dedication to empowering independent retailers and his astute business acumen laid the foundation for Ace Hardware's enduring success. His contributions earned him respect and recognition among his peers and the broader business community.

Ace Hardware Insight

“Richard Hesse can truly be described as a business genius and under his dynamic leadership, Ace grew from a handful of dealers to over three thousand across the country during his time leading Ace. Hesse’s long-term leadership and commitment to service was a catalyst to Ace’s continued growth and industry leadership for nearly 100 years.”


3. W James Hindman
Founder, Jiffy Lube

W James Hindman is the founder of Jiffy Lube, an automotive service franchise. In 1979, Hindman had the visionary idea of creating a convenient and efficient oil change service to cater to the needs of busy vehicle owners.

Under Hindman's leadership, Jiffy Lube experienced rapid growth and expansion. His innovative business model focused on providing specialized oil change services with an emphasis on speed and customer satisfaction. By standardizing service procedures, Hindman ensured that Jiffy Lube franchises maintained a consistent level of professionalism and quality.

Hindman's commitment to excellence and his ability to identify a niche market propelled Jiffy Lube to become a trusted and recognized brand in the automotive industry. Entrepreneurs were drawn to the franchise model, enabling the widespread presence of Jiffy Lube locations across the nation. Today, Jiffy Lube continues to thrive as a leading provider of convenient and reliable automotive maintenance services. Hindman's entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to delivering exceptional customer experiences laid the foundation for the company's ongoing success.


4. Dan Bishop
Founder and Chairman, The Maids Home Services

Dan Bishop is the Founder and Chairman of The Maids Home Services, a leading residential cleaning franchise company operating in the United States and Canada. Bishop joined the company in 1979 and quickly set out to transform the industry. With prior entrepreneurial success through his janitorial company, Bishop Building Services, Bishop established The Maids in Omaha, Nebraska. He aimed to make residential deep cleaning accessible to a wider audience. Utilizing four-person cleaning teams and easily recognizable yellow company cars, Bishop's business rapidly expanded, leading him to venture into franchising the residential cleaning concept within a year.

Today, The Maids is known as a quality leader among cleaning companies, with over 150 franchise partners serving more than 90 major cities across the U.S. and Canada. The company's presence spans over 40 states in the U.S. and three provinces in Canada.

Under Bishop's guidance, The Maids has become synonymous with exceptional cleaning services and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. The company's expertise in deep cleaning sets it apart and has earned it a trusted reputation among customers seeking comprehensive residential cleaning solutions.


5. Paul and Lori Hogan
Founder, Home Instead

Paul and Lori Hogan are the co-founders of Home Instead, a senior care franchise. Motivated by their personal experiences caring for Paul's grandmother, they established Home Instead in 1994 to provide compassionate in-home care for seniors.

Paul Hogan's advertising background and Lori Hogan's nursing experience created a strong partnership that propelled the company's growth. They introduced a unique model of care prioritizing personalized attention and respect for seniors.

Under their leadership, Home Instead expanded globally, serving millions of seniors worldwide. The Hogans' commitment to excellence and advocacy for seniors shaped the company's values and success. Today, Paul and Lori Hogan's legacy as founders of Home Instead reflects their vision, compassion, and dedication to improving seniors' lives. Their influence continues to shape the home care industry, inspiring others to provide exceptional care for the aging population.


6. Paul Sauer
Founder and CEO, Homewatch CareGivers

Paul Sauer is the Founder and CEO of Homewatch CareGivers, a reputable in-home care provider dedicated to assisting individuals with their daily living needs. With a career spanning over 60 years, Sauer has been instrumental in shaping the company's success. In 1980, Sauer established Homewatch CareGivers with a vision to provide personalized and compassionate care services. The company offers a wide range of specialized services, including companion care, personal care, and specialized care for individuals with Alzheimer's, dementia, or other chronic conditions. Homewatch CareGivers prioritizes maintaining independence and promoting a high quality of life for their clients through the provision of professional and caring caregivers.

Sauer's professional journey began as a medical technologist at St. Luke's Hospital in 1963. He later served as the chief civilian chemist at Fitzsimmons Army Hospital. Sauer's background in the medical field, combined with his entrepreneurial spirit, has been integral to the growth and success of Homewatch CareGivers.

Sauer's profound impact on the in-home care industry continues to drive Homewatch CareGivers in their mission to provide exceptional care services that enhance the lives of their clients. Through his vision and dedication, Sauer has established Homewatch CareGivers as a trusted provider of compassionate in-home care.


7. Peter Cancro
Founder, Jersey Mike's

Peter Cancro is the Founder of Jersey Mike's, a renowned and rapidly growing sandwich franchise. With a passion for creating exceptional subs and a relentless drive for success, Cancro's entrepreneurial journey began at the young age of 17. In 1975, Cancro, then a high school student and employee at a small sub shop in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, seized the opportunity to purchase the business. Armed with determination and a deep understanding of the sandwich-making craft, Cancro transformed the humble shop into what would later become the beloved Jersey Mike's franchise.

Guided by his commitment to quality and a genuine love for serving customers, Cancro's business philosophy emphasized using the freshest ingredients, authentic recipes, and a personalized touch. These principles set Jersey Mike's apart and fueled its expansion across the United States. Cancro's leadership and dedication to excellence have been instrumental in the success of Jersey Mike's. Under his guidance, the franchise has grown exponentially, offering a wide variety of freshly made subs and fostering a strong sense of community involvement.

Today, Jersey Mike's is recognized for its commitment to quality, exceptional customer service, and philanthropic initiatives. Cancro's entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering dedication to providing outstanding subs have made Jersey Mike's a beloved brand and a staple in communities across the country.


8. Don Parrish
Founder, Transworld Business Advisors

Don Parrish is the esteemed Founder of Transworld Business Advisors, a leading business brokerage and franchise consulting firm. With a passion for entrepreneurship and a focus on assisting individuals in buying, selling, and franchising businesses, Parrish has made a significant impact in the industry.

Since its inception, Transworld Business Advisors has become a global network of experienced advisors under Parrish's leadership. The company provides comprehensive services to guide business owners through the complexities of business transactions. Parrish's deep understanding of the business landscape, combined with his extensive entrepreneurial experience, has allowed Transworld Business Advisors to thrive. The company has earned a strong reputation for delivering personalized and professional services, making it a trusted partner in business transactions.

Transworld Business Advisors offers a range of services, including business brokerage, franchise consulting, and mergers and acquisitions. Parrish's visionary approach and commitment to excellence have positioned the company as a go-to resource for individuals seeking guidance in their business ventures.


9. Chuck Runyon
Co-Founder and CEO, Anytime Fitness

Chuck Runyon is a highly accomplished fitness industry founder with over 20 years of experience. Runyon revolutionized the fitness industry when he and Dave Mortensen co-founded Anytime Fitness–an alternative to big-box gyms, which typically feature expensive “frills” that few members actually use or need.

In 2012, Self Esteem Brands, the parent company of Anytime Fitness, acquired Waxing the City under Runyon’s leadership. Waxing the City specializes in providing outstanding, high-quality facial and body waxing services for women and men. Waxing the City has been named in Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Top New Franchise” list.

Runyon's entrepreneurial journey and his dedication to providing accessible fitness solutions have established him as a notable founder in the industry. His ability to innovate and his commitment to excellence have propelled the success of Anytime Fitness and expanded the reach of Self Esteem Brands.


10. Pasquale Giammarco
Founder, Marco’s Pizza

Pasquale Giammarco is the Founder of Marco's Pizza, a pizza franchise that has become a household name across the United States. In 1978, Giammarco opened the first Marco's Pizza location in Toledo, Ohio, with a mission to provide authentic and delicious Italian-inspired pizzas.

Driven by his family's traditional Italian recipes and a passion for quality, Giammarco focused on handcrafting pizzas with fresh ingredients to deliver an exceptional dining experience. His commitment to excellence and dedication to providing the finest flavors quickly garnered a loyal customer base. Under Giammarco's leadership, Marco's Pizza has experienced remarkable growth and success. The franchise has expanded nationwide, becoming one of the top pizza chains in the country. Giammarco's emphasis on quality, authenticity, and exceptional customer service has been instrumental in solidifying Marco's Pizza as a trusted and beloved brand.

Today, Marco's Pizza continues to thrive, offering a wide variety of delicious pizzas and other menu items to satisfy customers' cravings. Giammarco's entrepreneurial vision and unwavering commitment to delivering a superior product have shaped the ongoing success of Marco's Pizza as it continues to delight pizza lovers across the nation.


11. Tom Monaghan
Founder, Domino's

Thomas Stephen Monaghan (born March 25, 1937) is an American entrepreneur who founded Domino's Pizza in 1960. From 1983 to 1992, he also owned the Detroit Tigers. In addition, Monaghan currently owns the Domino's Farms Office Park, which is located in the Ann Arbor Charter Township, Michigan.

Monaghan is a devout Christian Catholic and announced his retirement in 1998 after 38 years with Domino's Pizza Inc. He sold 93 percent of the company to Bain Capital, Inc. for about $1 billion, ceased being involved in day-to-day operations of the company, and subsequently dedicated his time and considerable fortune to Catholic causes. A supporter of the anti-abortion movement and other Catholic teachings "to combat the nation's 'moral crisis,’” Monaghan has spent hundreds of millions of dollars promoting them.

He and his wife, Marjorie Zybach, whom he met while delivering some pizza, were married in 1962 and have four daughters: Margaret, Susan, Mary and Barbara. As of 2014, they have 10 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.


12. Nick Beghtol and Bailey Ames
CEO, Lash + Company

Nick Beghtol and Bailey Ames are the dynamic duo behind the success of Lash + Company. Beghtol, the visionary entrepreneur and CEO, has played a pivotal role in transforming Lash + Company from a single location into a franchise empire spanning across the United States. With a resilient and creative approach to problem-solving, the duo’s leadership is driven by a strong alignment with the company's mission, vision, and values.

With a rich experience dating back to 2006, Ames has been a prominent figure in the esthetic industry. Beyond her successful venture as the founder and owner of the Lash + Company Spa franchise, Ames has further made her mark by establishing and owning state-approved Esthetic and Advanced Esthetic post-secondary schools.

Their passion for the business extends beyond their roles. They actively engage in the operative and administrative aspects of the company, leveraging various resources to maximize their potential. Beghtol’s thirst for knowledge and willingness to learn from Ames’s expertise in the beauty industry fuel his problem-solving abilities and out-of-the-box thinking. Together, they form a powerful team that leads Lash + Company with expertise, experience, and execution. Their combined knowledge and commitment have propelled the continual growth and success of Lash + Company, solidifying its position as a leader in the beauty industry.

Nick and Bailey Insight

"Embracing our mission, we are committed to being the epitome of Med Spa excellence, curating extraordinary client experiences, and uplifting our industry as we continue to expand."


13. Chris Drucquer
Co-Founder, CEO, CertaPro Painters

Chris Drucquer is the Co-Founder and CEO of CertaPro Painters, a well-established residential and commercial painting company. With a career spanning over a decade, Drucquer has played a pivotal role in the success and growth of CertaPro Painters.

CertaPro Painters has built a solid reputation for providing high-quality painting services across North America. Their offerings include a wide range of interior and exterior painting solutions, delivered by skilled painters using professional-grade products. Drucquer's leadership has emphasized the company's commitment to customer satisfaction, evident through free estimates, personalized color consultations, and a written warranty for their work.

With a focus on professionalism, punctuality, and attention to detail, CertaPro Painters ensures that each project is executed to the highest standards. Drucquer's extensive experience and customer-centric approach have positioned CertaPro Painters as a trusted choice for residential and commercial painting needs. Drucquer received an undergraduate degree in engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.


14. Jaya Aiyar
Founder and CEO, Creatif

Jaya Aiyar is the Founder and CEO of Creatif, an innovative, technology-centric art studio brand for kids and adults. She envisioned this novel idea–and has worked on it from concept to reality. With this talented mastermind and hard-working woman at its helm, Creatif has established its unique identity in the family entertainment segment. By integrating art with technology, Creatif offers an exceptional, family-friendly, immersive art experience that has revolutionized the art studio space. Creatif was founded in 2018. Notably, its franchising program kicked off with the first franchisee on board in 2021.

Aiyar’s engineering and project management background has helped her redefine the concept of art studios, making them more relevant and current.Through the Creatif franchising program, her goal now is to expand this artistic enterprise across the country and help other entrepreneurs open a Creatif Art Studio in their community, through franchising. Creatif’s novel business model is positively impacting artists of all ages, while providing an opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to be a part of this innovative franchise.

As CEO, Aiyar provides Strategic Advisory; and leads Innovation, Planning, Operational Excellence,Training & Process improvements for all affiliate owned and franchise locations.

Jaya Aiyar Insight

“Creatif is fulfilling my vision of a brand that has transformed the traditional art studio concept into an exciting and experiential community destination. The blending of Art with Technology, our award-winning studio design combined with a large selection of products and services, makes Creatif unique and a clear customer favorite. We are now an integral part of our customer’s meaningful experience, their artistic development and their cherished memories."


15. Samuel Chia
Co-Founder and Executive Director, Seriously Addictive Mathematics

Samuel Chia, Co-Founder, and Executive Director, founded Seriously Addictive Mathematics (S.A.M.) with Lau Chin Loong in Singapore in 2010. S.A.M. is a thinking math program based on Singapore Math, a global top-ranking curriculum according to international studies TIMSS and PISA. S.A.M. uses fun hands-on activities, mastery worksheets, and a coaching approach to help children develop a strong math foundation, problem-solving skills, and a positive attitude toward learning to take on future challenges. Under Chia’s leadership, S.A.M is now the world’s largest Singapore math enrichment program for children aged four to 12, with more than 200 centers in over 20 countries.

An ardent entrepreneur, Chia was the owner of nydc café and restaurant for 10 years before selling the business. Under his leadership, nydc grew from a small dessert café in Singapore to a regionally recognized restaurant brand across South East Asia. Prior to nydc, Chia was a venture capitalist in a U.S.-based private equity fund. During his career in the finance industry, Chia was honored as President of the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation (EO), Executive Committee Member of the Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE), and Committee Member of the Mensa Society of Singapore. Chia holds an MBA in Finance from Murdoch University, a Bachelor of Science in economics from the University of London, and a diploma in marketing from Ngee Ann Polytechnic.


16. Kristen Denzer
Founder and CEO, Tierra Encantada

Kristen Denzer is the Founder and CEO of Tierra Encantada, a leader in Spanish immersion early education®; and a top-50 child care provider in the U.S. Their unique approach to childcare includes an elevated culinary program providing children with fresh-cooked organic meals designed to expand young palates. Tierra Encantada has grown exponentially in the last 10 years, first through corporate growth and then by launching franchising in 2019. Tierra Encantada has corporate and franchise locations in four states across the country, and has aggressive growth plans to continue its national expansion.

Denzer is a hands-on leader. She not only oversees the company's senior management team and strategic growth, she also sets the vision for the company. She has led the company through year over year double-digit growth every single year since opening. Remarkably, she has an industry-leading track record of 1,366% revenue growth in the past 5 years. On top of that, Denzer has sustained this growth without outside capital; and retains 100% ownership.

Denzer is a serial entrepreneur and experienced speaker. Her entrepreneurial journey began with consulting, where she provided evaluation assistance to over twenty nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and tribal nations. Denzer's real estate development company currently has a portfolio of over 100,000 square feet of commercial space. Additionally, she has co-founded two other companies that she later sold: a dog daycare and an event rental company.


17. Jacques Lapointe
Founder and Chairman, Jan-Pro

Jacques Lapointe is the esteemed Founder and Chairman of Jan-Pro, a highly successful and renowned cleaning franchise company. Lapointe joined Jan-Pro in 1991 as the CEO, president, and founder, driving the company's growth and establishing its market leadership.

Under Lapointe's leadership, Jan-Pro Systems has flourished into a global franchise system with over 8,000 cleaning franchises and more than 125 regional development franchises. The company's market presence spans 41 states across 9 countries, solidifying its position as a leader in the industry.

Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Atlanta, Jan-Pro Systems International is dedicated to helping individuals achieve their dreams of business ownership through service industry franchising. The company is committed to providing a reliable and best-in-class mentoring and support framework to help their franchises and associates thrive.

Prior to his involvement with Jan-Pro, Lapointe served as a founder and president at Retail Recruiters, showcasing his entrepreneurial acumen and leadership skills. He is a graduate of Prov. College. Furthermore, Lapointe’s dedication to maintaining a professional environment of integrity, trust, and mutual respect has fostered strong and lasting relationships within Jan-Pro's network of owners and associates.


18. Idan Shpizea
Founder, 911 Restoration

Idan Shpizear, the Founder of 911 Restoration, embarked on a remarkable journey from a small Israeli village farmer to a successful entrepreneur. With his visionary leadership, Shpizear established 911 Restoration as a company specializing in water, fire, and mold damage recovery–transforming lives and building a thriving enterprise.

Driven by his entrepreneurial spirit, Shpizear took a leap of faith, leaving college with only $3,000 to pursue his American dream. He founded the first 911 Restoration services business, laying the foundation for a remarkable success story. Through strategic expansion and franchising, Shpizear grew the company to over 270 franchise-owned territories across the US and Canada, making a significant impact in the industry.

As the founder, Shpizear's innovative mindset and commitment to a unique "Fresh start" culture and customer experience model have been instrumental in the success of 911 Restoration. His unwavering dedication to excellence and his passion for helping others have propelled the company's growth and garnered remarkable achievements. Beyond 911 Restoration, Shpizear's entrepreneurial spirit led him to explore other ventures, such as, further showcasing his drive to create new opportunities and make a difference in the business world.

Idan Shpizea Insight

"When I embarked on this endeavor, I asked myself, 'What are the areas where salespeople struggle? How can I alleviate their pain and create an effective process?”


19. Steve Lemmon
Co-Founder, Great Clips

Steve Lemmon is the Co-Founder of Great Clips, a hair salon franchise that has become a household name in the United States and Canada. With a passion for entrepreneurship and a commitment to delivering affordable, high-quality haircuts, Lemmon has left an indelible mark on the hair salon industry.

Lemmon's journey began in 1982 when he co-founded Great Clips with his business partner, David Rubenzer. Together, they envisioned a salon concept that focused on convenience, affordability, and consistent quality. Their innovative approach, including a no appointment needed system and a commitment to customer satisfaction, revolutionized the hair care industry.

Under Lemmon's leadership, Great Clips has experienced remarkable growth and success. The franchise has expanded to thousands of locations across North America, making it one of the largest hair salon chains in the region. Lemmon's emphasis on creating a positive and welcoming salon experience has helped Great Clips build a loyal customer base.


20. Larry Martinek
Co-Founder, Chief Instructional Officer, Mathnasium

Larry Martinek is the Co-Founder and Chief Instructional Officer of Mathnasium, an educational franchise specializing in math tutoring and enrichment. With a career spanning 49 years, Martinek has made a significant impact in the field of math education. In 2002, he co-founded Mathnasium with the mission to provide personalized learning plans for students from kindergarten to high school. Today, Mathnasium has over 1,000 centers across multiple countries, offering a structured curriculum that covers foundational math skills, problem-solving techniques, and advanced topics.

Martinek's approach combines assessment, individualized instruction, and ongoing support to help students gain confidence and improve their math proficiency. Mathnasium's dedicated instructors, known as Mathnasium Method™ tutors, create a positive learning environment, fostering a love for math and equipping students with essential mathematical skills for academic success. Martinek began his career as a math teacher at Los Angeles City Schools in 1974 and later became an owner and director at MathLine. His undergraduate degree in mathematics from California State University, Northridge has provided him with a strong foundation for his expertise.

Larry Martinek's leadership has propelled Mathnasium to become a trusted name in math education. Through personalized instruction and a commitment to student success, Mathnasium continues to empower students, helping them build a solid math foundation and achieve their academic goals.


21. Lynn Blum
Founder and Owner, Once Upon A Child

Lynn Blum is the Founder and Owner of Once Upon A Child, a retail chain specializing in the buying and selling of gently used children's clothing, toys, and equipment. Blum's journey with the company began in 1985. Since then, Once Upon A Child has become a go-to destination for parents seeking affordable and high-quality children's essentials.

With numerous locations across North America, Once Upon A Child offers a convenient and cost-effective option for families looking to save money on their children's needs. The store accepts items in good condition and provides sellers with the choice of receiving cash or store credit. Their wide range of products includes clothing for infants, toddlers, and older children–as well as baby gear, toys, and books.

Blum's vision for Once Upon A Child revolves around providing families with access to quality secondhand items in a friendly and organized shopping environment. Through her leadership, Once Upon A Child has established itself as a trusted destination for parents looking to find affordable and stylish options for their children. Early on, Blum earned an undergraduate degree in home economics in business from the University of Wisconsin-Stout. Her educational background, combined with her entrepreneurial spirit, has contributed to the success and growth of Once Upon A Child.


22. Rob Deutsch
Founder, F45 Training

Rob Deutsch is the Founder of F45 Training, a prominent boutique fitness franchise platform, known for its F45, FS8, and Vive Active brands. With a professional career spanning 12 years, Deutsch has made a significant impact in the fitness industry.

F45 Training is renowned for its high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts, which utilize proprietary technology and a vast content database of unique functional training movements. Members enjoy a fresh workout experience every day. Alongside F45, Deutsch's platform includes FS8, a progressive fitness concept blending pilates, tone, and yoga; as well as Vive Active, a dynamic fitness concept focused on athletic reformer pilates. These offerings cater to a diverse range of fitness enthusiasts.

Deutsch's dedication to expanding his global franchise network in the boutique fitness category has been instrumental in F45 Training's success. The brand continues to thrive as a leader in the industry. Deutsch holds an undergraduate degree in marketing from the University of Sydney, which has equipped him with valuable insights into brand development and growth strategies.


23. Brig Sorber
Co-Founder, Two Men and a Truck

Brig Sorber is the Co-Founder of Two Men and a Truck, a moving company that has become a household name in the industry. Alongside his brother Jon Sorber, he started the company in 1985 with a mission to provide reliable and customer-focused moving services.

Under Sorber's leadership, Two Men and a Truck has grown from a small local business in Lansing, Michigan, to a successful franchise with locations across the United States and internationally. Their services range from residential and commercial moves to packing, storage, and junk removal. Sorber's commitment to exceptional customer experiences has been instrumental in the company's success. Two Men and a Truck is known for its professional and friendly movers who prioritize the safe handling of customers' belongings.

Beyond their moving services, Sorber is passionate about giving back to the community. Two Men and a Truck actively participates in charitable initiatives, including the "Movers for Moms" program that supports mothers and families in need.


24. Paul Green
Founder, School of Rock

Paul Richard Green is an American record producer, film producer, director, screenwriter, singer-songwriter, music teacher, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who founded School of Rock (formerly known as The Paul Green School of Rock Music), a performance-based music program for kids. This for-profit educational company operates and sponsors franchises for after-school music instructional programs in the United States.

First established in Philadelphia in 1998 by Paul Green, schools have opened in states including New York, Utah, California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Maryland, Oregon, Washington, D.C., Virginia, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Colorado, Delaware, Washington, New Jersey, and North Carolina–and internationally in Mexico. In 2005, the company was the subject of a documentary film titled Rock School. Paul Green left The School of Rock in early 2010.

On August 9, 2011, the Woodstock Film Festival announced that Green moved to the Woodstock, New York area, where he assumed the role of Music Coordinator. He is also working with Woodstock Festival co-founder Michael Lang in founding a music college in the Woodstock area. In addition, Green has launched a weekly rock radio show on Radio Woodstock 100.1 WDST called "The Tool Shed with Paul Green.”


25. Kevin Wilson
Founder, Mosquito Joe

Kevin Wilson is the Founder of Mosquito Joe, a leading professional mosquito control company. Joining the company as CEO in 2012, Wilson has spearheaded its growth and success. Mosquito Joe specializes in residential and commercial mosquito control services, helping customers eliminate and prevent mosquito infestations.

Established in 2010 and headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Mosquito Joe utilizes trained technicians and eco-friendly treatments to effectively reduce mosquito populations and combat outdoor pests. Their comprehensive services include barrier sprays, misting systems, and special event treatments. With a franchise model, Mosquito Joe has expanded to over 300 locations across the United States.

Wilson's background includes senior positions at Envest Ventures and Discovery Americas, where he served as a senior managing director. Prior to that, he gained valuable experience as a consultant at Bain & Company, a renowned global consulting firm. Wilson holds an undergraduate degree in business from the Ivey Business School at Western University, showcasing his strong foundation in business and entrepreneurship.