The Top 25 Companies of Connecticut for 2023

Great Entrepreneurs is pleased to announce The Top 25 Companies of Connecticut for 2023. As one of the oldest states in the U.S., Connecticut has plenty to offer for businesses and the people who run them. Among numerous features, the state has a notably business-friendly environment, is ideally located between New York City and Boston, and boasts its own financial hub in Hartford: a city where 17 Fortune 500 companies are currently headquartered. On top of that, Connecticut plays home to 40 highly regarded colleges and universities, meaning that prospective employers have easy access to some of the brightest minds coming into the workforce.

A prime example of a top company residing in the Constitution State is Subway, which has more than 37,000 restaurants. While the sandwich giant maintains a presence in over 100 countries, its international headquarters are in Milford. The XFL, a global professional football league that is owned by Dany Garcia, Dwayne Johnson, and Gerry Cardinale's RedBird Capital, keeps its headquarters in Greenwich. Additionally, Norwalk-based HEI Hotels & Resorts merits acknowledgement for emerging as one of the largest and most respected third-party management companies—with 59 of HEI’s hotels having recently been named winners of the 2023 TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice Awards.

Numerous leading organizations have extended their presence far beyond their original base in Connecticut, both nationally and globally. They have effectively utilized their inventive business models to connect with fresh audiences and explore new markets on a larger scale. Please join us in recognizing the achievements of this year’s Top 25 Companies of Connecticut for 2023.


1. Hubbell Incorporated

Hubbell Incorporated traces its origins back to the late 1800s when Harvey Hubbell, the company's founder, responded to the increasing demand for assembly and manufacturing machinery during the industrial revolution. Developing tooling and equipment, Hubbell positioned itself to serve this growing industry. The emergence of electric power and the invention of the light bulb presented further opportunities for the company. With early patents for innovative products like the "pull chain lamp socket" and "separable plug and receptacle," Hubbell embraced a culture of inventiveness and continually sought new ways to meet the needs of its expanding customer base, which included businesses, manufacturers, utilities, and homeowners.

Today, Hubbell delivers high-quality products through strong collaborations with channel partners and a vast network of distributors and retailers. The company serves businesses, manufacturers, utilities, and homeowners with expertise and reliability. Hubbell Incorporated is a three-time recipient of the prestigious recognition as one of the 2023 World's Most Ethical Companies by Ethisphere.


2. Nuvance Health

Nuvance Health is a system of award-winning nonprofit hospitals and outpatient healthcare services throughout the Hudson Valley and western Connecticut. The not-for-profit health system was formed in 2019 when Health Quest and Western Connecticut Health Network combined. Today, Nuvance Health serves around 1.5 million residents with its sizable staff that includes approximately 2,600 physicians and 12,000 ancillary staff.

Nuvance Health offers the latest prevention, diagnostic, medical, surgical and rehabilitation services–including through the Cancer, Digestive Health, Heart & Vascular and Neuroscience Institutes; and primary and specialty care services through Nuvance Health Medical Practices. Nuvance Health also provides convenient healthcare through home care, urgent care, and telehealth visits.

In addition, Nuvance Health has introduced a new memory care-at-home platform to support patients with memory-related conditions. The Nuvance Health Heart and Vascular Institute has also become an affiliate of Cleveland Clinic's Heart, Vascular & Thoracic Institute, enhancing the expertise and resources available to patients.


3. EMCOR Group, Inc.

Based in Norwalk, Connecticut, EMCOR Group is an engineering and construction company that comprises 80 or more operating companies. The company, which was listed as number 375 on the 2018 Fortune 500 list, is a leader in mechanical and electrical construction, industrial and energy infrastructure, and building services. With a wealth of experience, extensive reach, and localized implementation, EMCOR specializes in the design, installation, operation, maintenance, and protection of complex and dynamic systems that shape facility environments. These systems encompass electrical, mechanical, lighting, air conditioning, heating, security, fire protection, and power generation.

EMCOR operates across diverse sectors of the economy, catering to a wide range of businesses, organizations, and public sector clients. By combining the strength of being an industry leader with the expertise and dedication of over 180 locations, EMCOR's workforce of 33,000+ skilled employees has successfully undertaken and completed numerous ambitious projects throughout the country.


4. CooperSurgical

Headquartered in Trumbull, Connecticut, CooperSurgical operates manufacturing facilities in the United States and Europe. The company also maintains an extensive national direct sales team, ensuring its position as a leading player in the field of medical device development, production, and marketing–with a focus on advancing women's healthcare and promoting minimally invasive surgery. This dynamic and vital market has a significant impact on all aspects of people’s lives. CooperSurgical is continuously progressing and actively seeks to maintain its forward momentum. The employees at CooperSurgical are driven by a genuine desire to make a positive difference. They are committed to contributing to the well-being of women and the communities in which they live and work.

In recent news, CooperSurgical and Ostro were recognized as the Best Patient Education Solution in the 7th Annual MedTech Breakthrough Awards. The company has also partnered with The Noble Paperie to provide support for families struggling with infertility. It is worthy to note that more than 11,000 families have enrolled in the Newborn Possibilities Program®.


5. HealthPlanOne

HealthPlan One is a leading Medicare and health insurance sales and marketing organization. The company’s mission is to “decomplexify” Medicare for customers across the country to match each person with the optimal plan–with a focus on the long term, to support better health and deliver peace of mind. Since 2006, HealthPlanOne’s highly experienced agents, uniquely personal service, diverse solutions, and proprietary analytics have made the company one of the highest performing lead generation, member acquisition, and retention teams in the industry.

HealthPlanOne has been recognized with the 2023 Top Workplaces Culture Excellence Awards, acknowledging their commitment to creating an exceptional work environment. Operating from six locations across the country, the company serves consumers in all states. They also offer, an online platform that educates consumers and facilitates shopping and enrollment for Medicare plans. In 2020, HealthPlanOne underwent a recapitalization with Lightyear Capital, receiving a cash investment to support future growth and strategic objectives.


6. BlueTriton Brands

BlueTriton Brands offers a comprehensive range of sustainable water brands focused on promoting healthy hydration. This includes Poland Spring® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water, Splash, and Pure Life®. Additionally, BlueTriton Brands operates ReadyRefresh®, a customizable water and beverage delivery service.

As a company, BlueTriton Brands prioritizes the management of natural resources for long-term sustainability. They are actively involved in conserving over 20,000 acres of natural watershed area. With 42 active springs located throughout the United States and Canada, BlueTriton Brands sources water for six regional spring water brands. The company operates 28 production facilities across the United States, with 13 of them being certified by the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS). Notably, eight of these facilities hold the highest-level certification, AWS Platinum. BlueTriton Brands is committed to creating shared value and being a responsible member of the community. They actively engage with more than 120 communities across North America to ensure a positive impact and foster good relationships.

In recent news, BlueTriton Brands has announced an official partnership with the James Beard Foundation® for the JBF Greens Event Series. They have also supported DigDeep's mission of bringing running water to Texas communities and purchased 25 alternative fuel vehicles after receiving a $554,000 grant from the Maryland Energy Administration.


7. LogicSource, Inc.

LogicSource is the innovative leader in procurement services and technology, helping the world’s leading brands drive profit improvement, mitigate risk, and ensure supply chain continuity through better buying. LogicSource focuses exclusively on the sourcing and procurement of indirect goods and services, which typically represents 20% of an organization’s revenue and the area of greatest spending inefficiency. With a unique asset-based delivery model, LogicSource can immediately deploy over 100 sourcing category experts from its center of excellence, a full source-to-pay technology suite and over $85 billion in spend and pricing data for its customers, rapidly accelerating time-to-value and achieving significantly greater savings than organizations can achieve on their own. During a time when companies across sectors are looking to save money anywhere they can, LogicSource’s unmatched services and technology solutions deliver sustainable results that propel business operations and fuel growth.

Recognized for its innovative OneMarket Technology, LogicSource has been named an 'IDC Innovator' by the International Data Corporation. With headquarters in South Norwalk, Connecticut, the company boasts a dedicated workforce of approximately 300 employees. Through their unmatched services and technology solutions, LogicSource drives sustainable results, supporting business operations and fostering growth in an increasingly cost-conscious business landscape.


8. Yale New Haven Health

Yale New Haven Health (YNHH), the premier healthcare system in Connecticut, is dedicated to providing convenient access to cutting-edge medical treatments, groundbreaking research, and innovative healthcare solutions. With five exceptional hospitals—Yale New Haven, Bridgeport, Greenwich, Lawrence + Memorial, and Westerly—alongside a close affiliation with Yale University and its esteemed Yale School of Medicine, YNHH offers comprehensive and high-quality care to patients.

In a recent strategic move, YNHH acquired a laboratory building for $101 million, further expanding its capabilities and enhancing its services. Additionally, YNHH has opened a new facility in North Haven, contributing to the town's economic development potential by providing state-of-the-art healthcare services and generating employment opportunities.

With a dedicated workforce of approximately 3,800 employees, YNHH remains committed to advancing patient care, medical research, and community well-being. By combining the resources of its exceptional hospitals and partnership with Yale University, YNHH continues to deliver exceptional healthcare services and drive positive impact in the region.


9. HEI Hotels & Resorts

HEI Hotels & Resorts was founded by brothers Gary and Steve Mendell and Stephen Rushmore of HVS Global Hospitality Services 35 years ago. Originally launched as a small hotel investment company, HEI transitioned to become a leading sponsor of hotel private equity funds. It has since emerged as one of the largest and most respected third-party management companies, building strong relationships with institutional capital partners. Throughout its journey, HEI has expanded its portfolio of brands and capital partners, navigating through various economic cycles. The company's success is attributed to its commitment to hiring talented and passionate associates, delivering excellent investor returns, and achieving operational excellence.

Remarkably, 59 of HEI’s hotels have recently been named winners of the 2023 TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice Awards. On top of that, HEI Hotels & Resorts was recognized as one of two recipients of the prestigious Partnership Circle award at the Marriott International National Association (MINA) & Full Service Owners Conference Awards.


10. ROM Technologies, Inc.

Headquartered in Brookfield, Connecticut, and founded in 2013, ROM Technologies, Inc., (ROMTech) is a medical technology company focused on revolutionizing orthopedic rehabilitative care to achieve unparalleled patient outcomes. By connecting clinicians and patients across the nation, ROMTech is transforming postoperative recovery with enhanced diagnostics, reduced costs, and remote accessibility.

As a trailblazer in the rapidly growing telemedicine industry, ROMTech has developed a groundbreaking suite of patented rehabilitation technologies, propelling the company to the forefront of innovation. With an exceptional team of visionary business experts, leading surgeons, accomplished researchers, and forward-thinking medical engineers, ROMTech drives the evolution of medical technologies, while continuously advancing customizable rehabilitation protocols that cater to the needs of each patient.

In recent news, ROMTech is set to showcase its latest medical technology at AAOS 2023 in Las Vegas, demonstrating its ongoing commitment to innovation and industry leadership. Additionally, ROMTech has released a comprehensive study showcasing the superior results of home-based physical therapy over standard physical therapy for total knee arthroplasty (TKA), highlighting the efficacy of their solutions in improving patient outcomes.

Insight from ROMTech’s President Steve Siegel

“We are inspired to help people live again and have addressed the challenge of post-operative orthopedic rehabilitation with the help of top-tier doctors and practitioners by reshaping postoperative recovery with home care. We believe our solutions are at the forefront of the medical technology industry, helping patients achieve extraordinary outcomes."


11. Rhone

Founded in 2014 by brothers Nate & Ben Checketts, Rhone is a premium men's wellness brand that creates best in class performance-driven apparel that is engineered for an active lifestyle. Rhone is dedicated to using their platform and products to address and discuss the complex issues that modern men face. From raising awareness around the mental health crisis, to building mutually supportive communities, to providing men with practical tools and resources to navigate relationships, Rhone seeks to support men while providing them with versatile clothing for every aspect of their daily routine.

Currently, Rhone has more than ten retail stores across the U.S., all of which are used for building community through various initiatives such as the brand's signature Mind & Muscle events.


12. Maggie McFly's®

Maggie McFly's® is an establishment owned and operated by sole-proprietor Ray Harper. The philosophy of Maggie McFly's® extends beyond providing an outstanding dining and beverage experience—it also encompasses a commitment to community engagement. With a firm belief in offering the highest quality food and beverages, Maggie McFly's® strives to source locally and select only the finest products available. By emphasizing local sourcing, the establishment ensures that the ingredients used in their menus are fresh, nutritious, and of the highest quality. From meats to spirits,

Maggie McFly's® recognizes that the most exceptional ingredients can be found within the local communities where their restaurants are located. This dedication to sourcing from the local soil exemplifies the establishment's commitment to providing a superior dining experience to its patrons.

Insight from Executives

“2023 marks 30 years for Maggie McFly’s®. We started as one location in Middlebury, CT (1993), and are shortly opening our 9th location in Boca Raton, FL. Connecticut has given us the opportunity to grow into what we are today, and for that we are truly thankful and grateful.” -Ray Harper, Owner/ Founder

“Maggie McFly’s®, as a company and brand, is a huge believer in team and our team members. Without each and every one, regardless of store location, department, etc, we are nothing. We strive to build environments which foster, encourage and promote growth.” - Jenette Candee, COO


13. OneOrigin

OneOrigin is a ground-breaking technology-driven establishment headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut. Dedicated to innovation, OneOrigin is on a mission to deliver value through astounding focus and an exceptional innovative mindset. OneOrigin is empowering the technology shift within the education sector–from a reactive state to a proactive spirit. OneOrigin has an international footprint with a Global Solution Delivery unit at SkySong Innovation Center in Scottsdale, Arizona. It also has a Global Development Center in Bangalore, India.

Additionally, OneOrigin designs and delivers cutting-edge products and solutions around Artificial Intelligence, Data & Analytics, Rapid Web Development, and Cloud Computing–guiding the path to a meticulous Digital Transformation for its customers. OneOrigin is part of an Elite Disrupt companies list. Furthermore, it’s been featured on well-known technology forums such as Forbes, TechCrunch, GSV, and Educause.

OneOrigin Insight

"As an innovation-focused technology-based company, one of our primary endeavors is to deliver bespoke digital transformation experiences that ensure rapid ROI. At OneOrigin, we are driven by passion, innovation, and a commitment to excellence. We work closely with our customers to understand their challenges and goals and provide them with tailored solutions to drive their success. From Extended Reality to Automation in the education sector, OneOrigin is the market disruptor for this industry reshaping the future of education."


14. Cannondale

Cannondale is a forward-thinking bicycle company that aims to inspire people worldwide to embrace cycling. Since its establishment in 1971, the company has continually pushed boundaries and embraced disruptive innovation to enhance the cycling experience. Driven by a passion for cycling and a commitment to improvement, Cannondale believes in the universal joy that bicycles bring to people's lives. The company is dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to share this joy with anyone who wants to ride.

In line with their commitment to innovation, Cannondale has recently released the longer and slacker Habit, a versatile trail bike available in both alloy and carbon models. They have also introduced Lab71, a premium collection of bicycles that represents the pinnacle of the brand's engineering and design expertise.

With its headquarters located in Wilton, Connecticut, USA, Cannondale operates offices in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Japan. This global presence allows the company to reach and serve cycling enthusiasts around the world.


15. Delamar Hotels

Delamar Hotels is more than just a collection of exceptional hotels; it embodies a unique spirit and refined sensibility that blends art, history, and character to create truly exceptional experiences. With a focus on elevated hospitality, Delamar Hotels offers guests a sanctuary that rejuvenates and restores at their luxurious spas, featuring the latest in massage therapy treatments and wellness rituals–using sought-after skincare products.

When it comes to dining, guests embark on a culinary journey rooted in local authenticity and sustainable ingredients, expertly prepared with time-honored European techniques at any of Delamar Hotels' restaurants. The commitment to excellence extends to hosting a variety of events, from corporate gatherings to private social dinners, weddings, and special occasions. Each event is held within unique and unforgettable spaces that are carefully curated to enhance every moment.

Delamar Hotels takes pride in being recognized by TripAdvisor as recipients of the prestigious Travelers Choice Award at each of their locations, including Greenwich, CT, Southport, CT, West Hartford, CT, and Traverse City, MI. This recognition further underscores the unparalleled experiences and exceptional service provided to guests at every Delamar destination.


16. XFL

The XFL is a global professional football league that prioritizes fans and offers a fast-paced, immersive game experience. With innovative rules and a commitment to advancing the sport, the XFL is changing the way fans engage with football and creating more opportunities for players. Launched in February 2023, the league is owned by Dany Garcia, Dwayne Johnson, and Gerry Cardinale's RedBird Capital Partners. The XFL has eight teams located in Arlington (TX), Houston (TX), Las Vegas (NV), Orlando (FL), San Antonio (TX), Seattle (WA), St. Louis (MO), and Washington, D.C. Their focus is on delivering top-notch football entertainment and introducing new innovations on the field.

Recently, the XFL has teamed up with Nick Novak, founder of Novak Kicking & Consulting, to organize a specialist showcase in San Diego, California. In addition, the XFL has partnered with NeuroSync, making NeuroSync's technology the Official and Exclusive Concussion Management Technology of the XFL.

Headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut, with additional locations in San Antonio, Texas, and Las Vegas, Nevada, the XFL employs around 500 people. The league is driven by a dedicated team passionate about reimagining football and delivering an exceptional fan experience.


17. Fine Fettle

A locally owned and operated business, Fine Fettle is Connecticut's Cannabis Company. In the past four years the company has grown to 240+ employees, working in four states, and actively changing the stigma and understanding around cannabis by becoming an educator and advocate for every customer. Fine Fettle operates six dispensaries, two cultivation and manufacturing facilities, and one processing laboratory. Moreover, the company is expanding. It’s currently in the midst of plans for 10 more facilities across the country, covering various aspects of the cannabis supply chain. This expansion reflects Fine Fettle’s dedication to providing high-quality cannabis products and services to a wider customer base.

Recently, Fine Fettle opened its doors to the public for recreational cannabis at the Stamford location. Additionally, the company has opened its third medical marijuana dispensary at 12 Research Drive in Stamford, CT–further expanding its reach and accessibility. Fine Fettle has also become CT's first cannabis equity joint venture partnership retailer, demonstrating its commitment to inclusivity and social equity within the cannabis industry.

Fine Fettle Insight

"Fine Fettle is proud and honored to be selected as aTop Company in Connecticut in 2023! We do this by passionately living our values with our customers and employees. We focus on doing business the right way, giving back to our local communities, promoting social equity in our industry, and treating employees with dignity, honesty, and respect."


18. ApiJect

Apiject Systems was founded by Marc Koska, OBE, with a clear vision: to address the problem of unsafe medical injections by creating a single-use prefilled syringe that could work in any market. Koska recognized that Blow-Fill-Seal technology was the key to making this possible. What resulted was not just a scalable and efficient prototype prefilled injector, but a revolutionary drug delivery platform with the potential to safely deliver more liquid medicines and vaccines to patients worldwide.

Today, ApiJect Systems is a medical technology company focused on improving the fill-finishing process for sterile liquid medicines and vaccines globally. They collaborate with pharmaceutical companies to design cost-efficient and rapidly scalable drug delivery systems, providing valuable manufacturing assistance. ApiJect Systems develops fill-finish technology for sterile liquid medicines and vaccines, partnering with pharmaceutical manufacturers to create delivery devices for their drugs.

ApiJect’s CEO Insight

"We take great pride and are humbled by the recognition as a Top CT Company. Our mission is making injectable medicines and vaccines safe and accessible to every patient around the world through our work with pharma companies, national governments, and the health care community to deliver medicines in scalable and cost-efficient, prefilled drug delivery systems." Jay Walker, Co-Founder, Executive Chairman & CEO


19. McCall Behavioral Health Network

The McCall Behavioral Health Network is a nonprofit organization that helps individuals heal from substance use disorders, mental health disorders, or co-occurring disorders. Founded in the mid-1960s, McCall serves families and individuals of all ages across Western Connecticut. They offer a full continuum of behavioral health services, from prevention and treatment to recovery support and community engagement. Committed to ensuring everyone has access to the resources they may need, the McCall Network is proof of the power of connection. McCall connects with people wherever they are in their recovery journey.

Notably, McCall provides support for those who often feel isolated and alone in their struggles. Their outpatient and residential treatment programs served over 3,000 clients in one year alone. “I’m extremely proud of our diverse network of experienced, highly trained behavioral health care professionals,” said President and CEO Maria Coutant Skinner, LCSW. “We’re passionate about helping individuals and families overcome adversity, build resilience, and achieve wellness.” A network that heals. A community who cares. That’s the McCall Behavioral Health Network.


20. The Chefs'​ Warehouse

The Chefs' Warehouse is a North America's leading distributor of specialty, protein, and broadline offerings, catering to the culinary industry for over three decades. With a strong focus on delivering the highest quality ingredients, the company has established itself as the go-to source for the finest culinary products for renowned chefs across the region.

The Chefs' Warehouse takes pride in offering a comprehensive range of products that are second to none. From premium center-of-the-plate proteins to luxurious and sophisticated ingredients that can elevate any menu, their extensive selection provides chefs with the tools to unleash their culinary creativity and achieve excellence in their craft. Serving a large customer base of over 35,000, The Chefs' Warehouse continues to be a trusted partner, providing unparalleled variety and quality. In addition to their industry leadership, The Chefs' Warehouse has earned recognition for being Great Place to Work®-Certified™.


21. Propria LLC

Propria was established in 2018 with a clear objective: to enhance the power and accessibility of human engineered heart tissue (hEHT) for scientists. The foundation of Propria's approach lies in the technology licensed from the laboratory of Dr. Stuart Campbell, a co-founder of the company and an Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Yale University.

Together with his colleagues at Yale, Dr. Campbell devised a novel technique for generating thin and fully functional cardiac tissue constructs, which are ideal for biomechanical investigations. Building upon this breakthrough, Propria's team of engineers has refined the method, achieving unrivaled quality, precision, and reproducibility. Their expertise as cardiac muscle physiologists is evident in their unwavering commitment to comprehending and replicating muscle function. As a result, they have developed a system capable of producing highly comprehensive datasets that provide a holistic view of the contractile behavior of human tissues, while remaining easy to interpret and analyze.


22. Zinnia

Zinnia is a pioneering company that has been at the forefront of transforming the life and annuities industry for almost twenty years. By combining insurance expertise with technology and data science, they have developed innovative products and digital services that revolutionize the insurance landscape. With a strong focus on delivering exceptional experiences for consumers, advisors, insurers, and reinsurers, Zinnia is committed to reshaping the entire life and annuity industry. They have made significant investments in technology platforms and capabilities, enabling them to offer comprehensive digital solutions from end to end.

In line with their dedication to driving industry-wide change, Zinnia recently announced the acquisition of Policygenius, a leading digital insurance marketplace. This strategic move further strengthens Zinnia's position as a leader in the digital insurance space. It also expands their ability to deliver comprehensive solutions to their customers.

Headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut, Zinnia operates in Topeka, Kansas, and Montreal, Canada. With a workforce of approximately 1,200 employees, Zinnia brings together a diverse and talented team that is passionate about leveraging technology and data to create impactful insurance solutions.


23. PetVet Care Centers

PetVet Care Centers is a nationwide network comprising over 450 Specialty and General Practice Veterinary Hospitals. With a commitment to local operation and global support, each PetVet location operates autonomously, while also benefiting from the collective resources and expertise of the network. Recognizing the unique characteristics of each community, PetVet Care Centers appreciates and embraces the local traditions that have contributed to the success of its member hospitals.

At PetVet Care Centers, providing exceptional veterinary care is a top priority. The network offers a wide range of specialized services and general veterinary care to cater to the diverse needs of pets and their owners. Through their comprehensive approach, PetVet hospitals strive to ensure the health and well-being of animals, while fostering strong connections with their respective communities.

Headquartered in Westport, Connecticut, PetVet Care Centers maintains a strong presence across the country–with notable locations in Casas Adobes, Arizona, and Fayette County, Kentucky. The network is proud to have a dedicated team of approximately 500 employees who contribute their expertise and passion to deliver outstanding veterinary care.


24. Subway Franchise Development

Subway, one of the world's largest quick-service restaurant brands, has established itself as a global leader in the industry. With a presence in over 100 countries and more than 37,000 restaurants, Subway is dedicated to serving freshly made-to-order sandwiches, wraps, salads, and bowls to millions of guests each day.

Subway restaurants operate through a franchise model, with a network of over 20,000 committed entrepreneurs and small business owners. These franchisees play a vital role in delivering exceptional guest experiences and serving their local communities with the highest standards.

The company continues to make headlines with its initiatives and expansion efforts. Subway Canada recently participated in the Never Miss Lunch donation drive, aiming to provide a record number of fresh food packs to those in need. Additionally, Subway announced its largest master franchise agreement in brand history, solidifying plans to expand its presence in mainland China. To further accelerate its growth in North America, Subway has entered into five new multi-unit owner agreements.


25. Wayback Burgers

Wayback Burgers, founded in 1991 in Newark, Delaware, is a Connecticut-based fast-casual franchise that embodies simplicity and honesty. It caters to hardworking individuals seeking uncomplicated pleasures like a delicious burger, french fries, and a hand-dipped milkshake. The welcoming and comfortable environment makes the wait for made-to-order meals enjoyable.

Wayback Burgers has built a reputation for its made-to-order burgers and thick, hand-dipped milkshakes. It strives to recreate the nostalgic charm of a bygone era when customer service held significance, and communities exuded warmth. Since 2018, Wayback Burgers has been a proud partner of Boys & Girls Clubs of America, donating a portion of proceeds from every burger and sandwich sold. To date, they have raised over $825,000. With over 170 locations worldwide, Wayback Burgers operates in 35 states, offering its signature dining experience to a diverse customer base.