The Future of Software Sales: Tackle’s John Jahnke

When he first started garnering investors for Tackle in 2018, founder John Jahnke didn't realize how good he had it.

Tackle helps companies navigate the cloud as they build to scale. From the start, seed money kept pouring in from Series A to B to C, which included Bessemer and Marc Andreesen.

John didn't realize at the time just how unusually smooth this all went - as it turns out, the Tackle product itself was responsible for this unique track record of success. John had learned along the way that 90% of his focus needed to be on consumer experience. He had to make sure the company absolutely nailed a SaaS go-to-market cloud product that helped companies optimize systems like AWS, Azure, and other marketplaces.

Hear how he did it, and how everything else sorted itself out.

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