Teenage Millionaire Entrepreneur Destiny Snow Shares Her Business Secrets

17-year-old Destiny Snow’s company, SnowGlam Collection, is worth over a million dollars after only two years—now, she’s giving back by sharing entrepreneurship tips that her mother taught her.

Snow began her company, which provides hair and makeup products, in May of 2019 at age 15. Her initial budget was a mere $600, and she started her business by marketing her products to friends, family, and classmates. Soon, Snow realized that her local network wasn’t enough, and she needed to try a different approach. So, she took a few months off and researched ways to cultivate a larger customer base. Her tactics included watching marketing videos, reading books on business, and identifying her target audience. She then took to Instagram, where she collaborated with other creators to craft successful paid promotions. Now, her company earns over $1 million in revenue every year, primarily through Snow’s partnerships with other social media influencers.

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Snow’s next mission is to help young entrepreneurs like herself learn what it takes to create a lucrative business. She’s written several business-related self-help e-books on the platform Sqribble targeted at the 62% of Gen Z members who say they want to start their own businesses. These books are focused on marketing and utilizing social media to acquire new customers, and consistently pivoting based on consumer trends. Snow tells Forbes Magazine that she was once just a young person with a dream, but by having entrepreneurship modeled for her by her mother, it laid the foundations for a successful career.

“I grew up watching my mother successfully own and operate several businesses,” Snow tells Forbes. “Not everyone has the advantage of being reared by a successful entrepreneur, but everyone can find a model to emulate. It’s much easier to believe that something can be done after seeing it.”