Strategies to Boost Employee Happiness is Going Beyond The Norm

Employee happiness has become a critical concern across various industries, and a recent survey by BambooHR highlights a decline in overall happiness by 6% since 2020. With the workforce experiencing what some call "The Great Gloom," unconventional strategies are needed to cultivate happiness, particularly as the holiday season approaches. Here are three unconventional approaches employers can consider:

Prioritize Connection at Work

  • Acknowledge the importance of fostering connections among employees, going beyond a focus on the organization's purpose.
  • In an era where remote and hybrid work is prevalent, intentional efforts are necessary to combat feelings of loneliness and isolation.
  • Initiating downtime at work, such as organizing group lunches or virtual snack breaks focused on socializing, can effectively foster employee connection.
  • Research indicates that employees who take breaks from active work show greater mental focus, a broader perspective, and increased productivity.

Make flexibility non-negotiable

  • Prioritize flexibility in company culture to accommodate diverse schedules and processes aligned with shared company goals.
  • Recognize the diverse needs of employees, such as caregiving responsibilities, and provide flexibility to balance personal and professional lives.
  • Offering structured flexibility creates a less stressful environment and fosters a culture of trust, empowering employees to manage their work effectively.
  • According to a Harvard Business Review study, flexibility is important and desired by nearly 96% of American professionals.

Offer Economic Transparency

  • Address concerns related to economic uncertainty and job security by being transparent about company performance.
  • Regularly share company performance numbers with the entire team and involve them in discussions about goals, projections, and revenue.
  • Creating a culture of empowerment through transparency allows employees to be part of solutions and understand the full picture, even during challenging times.
  • Economic transparency fosters a sense of belonging, increases employee loyalty, and contributes to a positive workplace culture.

As the workforce faces various challenges, leaders are urged to evaluate company cultures and implement strategies that strengthen connections and foster happiness. Deeper workplace connections not only contribute to happier employees but also build a sense of belonging and pride in the workplace culture. In the quest for a positive and supportive work environment, these unconventional strategies can play a pivotal role.