La Fin: A Montauk Institution With Great Food, Great Service, and Live Music

La Fin is a French farm-to-table kitchen, bar, and lounge that’s beloved by locals and visitors alike. The spot opened in May 2021 and partners with local farms, vineyards, and fishermen. So when we were tasked with finding a place for a delicious, upscale dining experience, heading to La Fin was a no-brainer.

With a friendly, buzzing atmosphere and a stunning view, the restaurant was at its prime as we arrived at sunset. Located by the waterside, its contemporary beach decor, inspired by St. Barts and St. Tropez, adds a cozy element to the sleek menu and upscale offerings. And it didn’t take us long to get comfortable thanks to the soft, velvet teal seats, crochet throw pillows, and cozy corner nooks.

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We were spoiled for choice right from the start, thanks to the fresh and creative cocktail menu and an extensive wine list, which we scanned while live music serenaded us in the bustling dining room.

With lots of interesting spins on classics, from the surf cosmo with lemon-infused vodka and citrus-forward Pimm’s Cup to spicy margaritas, it took us a minute to finally decide. The Fleur De Sel, a salty, herbaceous gin cocktail complete with dill and aloe liqueur, was complex, while the Aprés Soleil was a sweet vodka cocktail bursting with fresh strawberries, basil, and white balsamic vinegar. Both cocktails really packed a punch with their bold flavors.

La Fin’s reputation is built on its seafood, so when we inquired with our server about their personal favorite dishes and recommendations, it was unsurprisingly all about the raw bar and locally caught fish. We were all in.

The La Fin tower arrived promptly and lived up to its name. It was quite a feast, with half a New England lobster, a dozen oysters — 6 east coast and 6 west coast — chilled mussels, poached shrimp, smoked salmon mousse, and Niçoise-inspired tuna tartare complete with clarified butter, cocktail sauce, pink peppercorn mignonette, crostini, and lemon.

Luckily, we had arrived hungry. The oysters and lobster were undeniably fresh and delectable. However, the salmon mousse, tartare, and mussels were good but left something to be desired. A little more seasoning would have brightened these plates up.

Soon after the main dishes, the quinoa and farm vegetables arrived at the table to even out our meal. Complete with salty pops of sauteed olives, oven-roasted tomatoes, and creamy morsels of goat cheese, the salad was bright and provided some respite from the heavier seafood.

After such a fresh meal, we were left craving something decadent, and La Fin offered ample dessert options. We lingered on the sweet crepes and flourless chocolate cake but quickly agreed that it was simply impossible to look past the lemon vanilla crème brûlée. The limoncello custard was delightfully tart, with creamy vanilla notes and caramelized sugar adding depth to the classic French dessert.

It’s clear why La Fin is cherished by the people of Montauk. It, in essence, captures the languid, beachy flow of the town while also proudly serving classic French dishes and uniquely crafted drinks that make you want to come back for more.