Incline Equity Partners Closes Fund VI with $1.9 Billion in Commitments

Incline Equity Partners, a prominent middle-market private equity firm, has announced the successful closure of Fund VI, surpassing its initial fundraising target by securing nearly $1.9 billion in capital commitments. This achievement solidifies Incline's position as a key player in the private equity landscape, demonstrating a strong vote of confidence from both existing and new limited partners.

Contributions totaling over $120 million from Incline partners and employees, representing an impressive General Partner (GP) commitment of over 6%, significantly strengthen Fund VI's capital base. This huge show of support shows that people believe in Incline's investment philosophy, which is to find and grow long-lasting businesses with many ways to make money in areas like business services, value-added distribution, and specialized light manufacturing.

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Incline Equity Partners has consistently demonstrated its prowess in middle-market investments, having raised approximately $6 billion over its 23-year tenure. Fund VI, the largest fund in Incline's portfolio, is a testament to the firm's unwavering dedication to its focused strategy and meticulous execution.

Managing Partner Jack Glover expressed gratitude for the widespread support received, especially in light of the challenging economic climate and fundraising environment. He stated, "Incline has consistently delivered value and returns for investors, portfolio companies, and employees for 23 years. Fund VI is a credit to our outstanding staff and focused strategy and execution."

In the past year, Incline has exhibited remarkable growth, adding seven new platforms to its portfolio and achieving significant realizations. The opening of a new office in New York, which was a calculated move to accommodate the firm's expanding team and strengthen its presence in the global financial center, has further highlighted the expansion.

Fund VI's exceeding of its fundraising goal not only highlights Incline's ability to secure substantial commitments but also underscores the confidence investors place in the firm's proven and differentiated middle market investment approach. This approach leverages dedicated transaction teams and a comprehensive suite of shared tools, a combination that has consistently delivered outstanding results.

As Incline Equity Partners sets its sights on the future, Fund VI will undoubtedly serve as a catalyst for the continued growth and success of the firm. With a robust capital base and a steadfast commitment to its investment philosophy, Incline is poised to navigate the dynamic landscape of private equity and continue delivering value to its stakeholders for years to come.