Forme Advances Athletic Wear As Medical Device

While active wear has improved in aesthetics in recent years, it has not previously been considered a medical device until Stephen Liu’s Forme. While it has a hefty price tag, Forme’s price is justified by a key difference that catapults the brand above all others. Forme combines fashion and science to improve the posture and body mechanics of wearers.

An orthopedic surgeon, Liu was inspired to create Forme after witnessing his mother’s battle with cancer, and in turn her battle with the lesser known complications experienced by chemotherapy patients. Chemotherapy puts clients in poor postural position, which causes complications and impedes recovery. He realized that improving posture was the key to promoting better health and body function.

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Both comfortable and stylish, Liu’s line has been carefully developed since 2015. He combines the best fabrics with specifically developed technology that gives structure to the garments that promotes good posture. While fabrics are outsourced, manufacturing is local to ensure exceptional quality and protect the company’s 25 patents.

Today, the company has several factories devoted to different specialty areas of Forme’s products. New product lines are being developed and Liu is finally turning a profit as customers come to realize the benefits Forme provides.

With 95% of merchandise currently sold via ecommerce, Liu is raising funds to expand the brand online, but he is also intent on moving into brick and mortar stores. To date, Forme has raised $8 million.