Finding Courage With ‘Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts.’ by Brené Brown

‘Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts.’ by researcher and author Brené Brown is all about leading openly with vulnerability, courage, and shame to create strong, effective teams.

A leader, Brown says, can be anyone who finds value in people and processes and puts themselves on the line to help bring others up with them. Her main focus throughout the book is the role of emotions in leadership and how leaders can use their openness to build trust and create more effective teams.

Vulnerability is seen as a highlight of leadership, and for Brown, being open is a sign of bravery rather than weakness. Further chapters include themes of living through values by becoming a “guiding light” during hard times and building and facilitating trust. According to Brown's research, seven attitudes compose the notion of "braving," which is a term for maintaining confidence and trust in the workplace.

Brown also explains how a leader learns to get back up when they fall, becoming an example for others to follow, and keeping the tenants of leadership strong by being honest during daily communications. Active listening, clarity, and kindness are also emphasized, and empathy is explored to foster a positive and inclusive workplace culture.

The New Social Worker magazine describes “Dare to Lead” as an essential read for anyone who is a leader or is aspiring to be one. It praises the book for its clear and practical guidance on the skills necessary for effective leadership, and highlights Brown's focus on the importance of vulnerability, empathy, and courage in leadership.

The magazine notes that the research and writing style of Brown, a New York Times bestselling author and TEDx speaker, make the book accessible and easy to understand for beginners and advanced leaders alike. “Dare to Lead” is highly recommended as a valuable resource for anyone looking to develop their leadership skills.