FedEx Expands Sustainable Practices Across Asia Pacific, Pioneering Green Logistics

FedEx Corporation has significantly bolstered its commitment to sustainability across the Asia Pacific region, enhancing efforts to mitigate environmental impact while supporting local communities. The company's initiatives span multiple fronts, including fleet electrification, renewable energy integration, and innovative community engagement. In recent fiscal years, FedEx has made strides in vehicle electrification, operating over 7,100 electric vehicles globally by FY 2023, with notable expansions in Malaysia and China. The introduction of electric tricycles in Taiwan and the milestone of the first cross-border electric vehicle delivery between Malaysia and Singapore underscore FedEx's innovative approach to tailoring solutions to local environmental conditions.

Furthermore, the integration of solar energy in facilities like the Beijing surface operations station showcases FedEx's commitment to reducing carbon emissions, with the Beijing facility alone expected to cut 350 tons of CO2 annually. Beyond infrastructure, FedEx has embedded sustainability in its corporate culture through programs like GoGreen, involving 11,000 team members in China alone to reduce resource consumption. The company's community engagement through FedEx Cares and increased support for sustainable projects in 11 Asia Pacific markets highlight its proactive stance in promoting environmental stewardship and community well-being.

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