Face Reality Skincare to Partner with Norwest Venture Partners

Private equity firm Norwest Venture Partners has officially announced a strategic partnership with Face Reality Skincare to scale their business and accelerate growth across the country.

Face Reality Skincare is a brand specializing in acne treatment that combines a personalized experience with an expert with customized products for each skin type. Founded in 2005 by esthetician Laura Cooksey, Face Reality was once an acne-only clinic in the San Francisco area before other estheticians joined. After years of expansion, different experts are now paired with clients across the country seeking an acne regimen that helps them with their specific skincare needs. Chief Executive Officer Jeremy Soine says this adaptive skincare model makes successful acne treatment possible without prescription medications. Face Reality also trains estheticians in identifying and treating acne on an individualized basis for all patients and has created a network of skin care experts that includes workshops, ambassadors for products, awards, and more.

Face Reality is now looking to expand beyond San Francisco and involve even more experts around the country. In light of increased customer demand within the wellness market, Norwest Venture Partners has taken Face Reality into its portfolio. This comes after two other successful skincare partnerships with MAËLYS and PCA Skin. Norwest is a private equity firm with 125 employees and $12.5 billion in assets that prides itself on adapting to new trends in the market, such as diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI); climate security; and supply chain transparency. Other companies in their portfolio include Calm (a meditation app), GoFundMe, Ritual, and HoneyBook.

"Face Reality has experienced tremendous growth over the last two years, expanding its community of estheticians and tripling its revenue," said Sonya Brown, General Partner at Norwest Venture Partners, in a press release. "Face Reality's highly personalized, protocol-based approach sets them apart from others in the industry."