Cookie Monster Growth: Crumbl Cookies’ Founder Jason McGowan

In this episode, we speak with Jason McGowan, one of the Co-Founders of the fastest-growing cookie companies in the nation since 2017. With over 700 locations in the US and Canada, Crumbl Cookies is powered by cutting-edge technology, iconic branding, delicious desserts, and passionate people.

In 2017, two cousins, Jason McGowan, with career experience in technology and marketing, and Sawyer Hemsley, still finishing his college degree, teamed up to create a new kind of cookie company. What started as a side hustle and several trials and errors in their baking quests, eventually led to creating the world’s best chocolate chip cookie.

From there, the rest is history. Opening their first store in Logan, Utah, which only served their signature chocolate chip cookie, they eventually expanded to a weekly rotating menu of several flavor options and quickly made their way to opening locations throughout the states.

In 2023, Crumbl Cookies expanded internationally and opened stores in Canada. The company’s famous pink branded box and weekly flavor rotations make them stand out from the baking crowd.

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