Climate Tech Innovator: CH4 Global’s Steve Meller

In this episode, we speak with Steve Meller, the CEO and Co-founder of CH4 Global, a company whose mission is to meaningfully impact climate change at scale, by developing gigatonne-scale greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation solutions for global industries and governments.

In 2020, Steve Meller and his team’s initial focus was methane. They had an urgent initiative to research cutting methane emissions from livestock by making a sustainable, globally-scaled supply of a unique seaweed product available to the world.

Steve leads a team of global business veterans with expertise in turning ambitious ideas into successful, fit-for-purpose products. Since an early retirement in late 2012 from a successful corporate executive career at P&G as Chief Innovation Catalyst, Steve has founded or co-founded four companies in the healthcare, tech, sustainability, and innovation sectors.

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