Building An Elite Tutoring Company: Education Entrepreneur Steve Feldman

In this episode we speak with Steve Feldman, the Founder and Managing Director of Private Prep, an elite tutoring service offering individually customized lessons for a wide range of K-College school subjects, standardized test prep, college admissions consulting, executive functioning, and learning differences support.

Steve founded Private Prep in 2006, just three years after graduating from college. Since then, he has successfully built the company to over 300 people with a presence in multiple locations throughout the United States.

In essence, Steve and Private Prep’s mission is to help students become the best version of themselves.

Three key takeaways, among many others, from this episode include:

1. Caring deeply for other people and authenticity leads to viral word of mouth.

2. When you earn your customer’s trust, you can efficiently and effectively expand into other services.

3. Scaling culture takes clarity on core values and consistent communication.

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