An Effective Clean Energy Entrepreneur: Palmetto’s Christopher Kemper

In 2009, everything seemed to be working against Christopher Kemper and his clean tech company, Palmetto.

Climate change was still considered a hoax by many.

He worked out of developing countries that investors knew nothing about.

Palmetto, subsisted on project-to-project fundraising while contending with astronomical borrowing rates and an actively oppositional market.

Christopher was once so stressed during a venture capital pitch, he developed shingles on his face.

But now, Palmetto is a clean tech/logistics unicorn that boasts investors like LeBron James, Billie Eilish, and Drake.

So how did he make it “to the other side of the rainbow?”

No, he didn’t come from gobs of money. But he has more than his share of drive, risk, and passion in his blood. Believing in his passion led to survival when it counted - and thriving when the world was finally ready for his vision.

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