America’s New Favorite Videos: Cameo’s Co-Founder & CEO Steven Galanis

A billion-dollar idea came to Steven Galanis in the least likely place.

He was driving home from his grandmother's funeral, sitting next to his future co-founder Martin Blencowe.

The idea? Bespoke, personalized celebrity videos. Fans can receive a "Congratulations," "Happy Birthday," or words of sympathy from their favorite comedians, athletes, film stars, and more. It actually seems like a no-brainer business idea - and consumers agree. After its founding in 2017, Cameo hit unicorn status in 2021.

But how did the idea for Cameo go from a gimmick he came up with in his car, to a billion-dollar growth business?

The former pro-athlete, trader, and LinkedIn executive shares how his mindset got him to where he is today.

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